At Asia ENV, strategic alliances are central to our goal of helping clients achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Our alliances are designed with a view towards helping our clients achieve maximum business potential in Asia’s dynamic and ever changing environmental industry.  We and our alliance partners work to keep our clients up to date on the latest issues, trends, and priorities, the latest data and analytics, and latest regulatory changes impacting the environmental industry.

AAEP is a non-profit, multi-discipline organization providing a forum for the discussion of the latest developments in environmental regulation, control technologies, and business opportunities in the environmental field. AAEP’s membership includes more than 30,000 scientists, academics, business managers, consultants, activists, attorneys, and governmental officials from across Asia.

Since 1993, the AAESC has worked hard to promote the environmental services industry across Asia. Working with local governments, our members work tirelessly to provide clean air, clean water, clean energy, and a sustainable future for the people of Asia and future generations. The AAESC brings together more than 640 environmental services companies from more than 40 countries across Asia and around the world, giving us a truly global reach.

NEVANew Energy Vehicle Association, (NEVA) is a non-profit organization with the objective of promoting the research, development and deployment of electric and other alternative forms of energy vehicles. NEVA organizes the Asia Electric Vehicle Symposium (AEVS) series and bestows the E-Visionary Award upon cities that are leading the charge in electric drive promotion and deployment across the Asia-Pacific.